Private investigator

The “Aviram Netz” investigations agency provides a wide variety of services in the field of investigations and surveillance in the private sector as well as in the business sector. The agency provides the client with professional and experienced private investigators who possess all technological means required for performing the task.

We possess an extensive knowledge and experience in conducting private and financial investigations in Israel and throughout the world combined with a high service orientation, speed, loyalty and discretion. This formula has proven itself over the years  in promoting the objectives of our clients and you are welcome to find this to be true for the first time.


The Aviram Netz agency holds all professional licenses required in Israel, USA and Europe and is a member of international organizations having many contacts in the investigations industry in Israel and throughout the world.  The agency employs professional teams of private investigators in five continents of the world so as to fulfill any request of our clients at the quality and the time that are required of us.