Business intelligence: good as gold

Business intelligence is the revealing, collection and analysis of essential information for making business decisions. In many cases, the information often concerns the organization’s competitors operating in the market: products, methods of operation, policy, etc. Often, a financial investigation regarding assets and property owned by a particular firm, data concerning obligations, foreclosures, credit options, etc. is conducted as well.
Acquiring information of this kind is used for various purposes, such as collecting debts or making various business decisions(such as mergers and acquisitions, collaborations and bankruptcies, participation in tenders, etc.). It can be said that business information is essential for understanding the market and meeting the serious commercial competition, which exists in almost every sector. Quite a few businesses were established and failed because of the valuable information that was – or was not – in their possession. Often, business information is used in lawsuits, especially in the field of copyright law.
Business intelligence utilizes a variety of methods that can be divided into two main categories. The first is the collection and study of information, which is available to all – public releases, publicly available business reports, articles in the press, study of publicly released court verdicts, recruitment and questioning of former employees of the studied firm, stock market press releases, or the decoding of technological secrets through reverse engineering methods.
The second is the acquisition of information through similar methods to those used by the military intelligence: detective work, surveillance, espionage, bugging, etc. In certain cases and in certain countries some of these methods are not considered to be legal. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the investigators in the intelligence agency working for you will be familiar with the fine print of all relevant laws and regulations and special circumstances according to the place in which the collection of information is conducted.
In conclusion, business intelligence is an extensive field that includes exposure or protection of highly sensitive information, which can sometimes determine the fate of entire institutions, big or small. Therefore, it is important to choose an intelligence agency experienced in working with every kind of institution, in Israel and abroad, which will know how to conduct itself in the burdensome and complicated commercial and legal reality and work to promote the client’s goals in the global village
When someone goes to a private investigation agency or a private investigator and requests him to investigate a particular case, it is often necessary to use the option of surveillance as an integral part of the investigation.
Surveillance is one element of an overall complex plan of the entire investigation. With the surveillance, proof and evidence may be produced that will help during the investigation with any private or legal matter.
The need for surveillance during an investigation case stems from situations in which the involved parties are not interested to cooperate with the investigators. In this case, the optimal way to obtain the necessary evidence is by using undercover surveillance.
It is important to understand that surveillance is only part of the overall investigation prepared by the investigations agency. Any quality and reliable investigation starts with collecting data about the case, and only then comes a point of going to the field, if necessary. Surveillance is one of the auxiliary tools from many different measures, designed to support the private investigation process, in order to bring qualitative and admissible evidence that will be used by you, the client, for any purpose – personal, business or legal.
The plan and surveillance rules
An efficient and correct surveillance method first requires to investigate about the surveillance object, learning the agenda, make up cover stories and sometimes even get close to him and his relatives. An experienced and professional investigation agency will devise a behavior pattern according to the profile given about the object. A detailed and appropriate action plan will be prepared and only after that a private investigator will conduct the surveillance on behalf of the firm.

In order to conduct the surveillance smoothly and without suspicion on the part of the surveillance object, a good private investigator will keep the following rules:
* Refrain from abusing the privacy of the surveillance object, will not threaten him, or will not disrupt the normal course of his life.
* In each surveillance two private investigators should participate (at least), so they can cover for each other if one of them “loses” the surveillance object, and in the case of filling physical needs of the party performing the surveillance, such as food, drink, or services, since sometimes surveillance takes many hours.
* Using a car that does not stand out – a standard model, with a standard color that will be replaced by the investigator during the surveillance. It is preferable that the vehicle will have tinted windows to provide the private investigator with privacy in case a photo of the surveillance object is necessary.
* A good private investigator does not violate traffic laws, such as running a red light, even at the expense of a supplementary surveillance at a later time.
There are some factors the private investigator takes into account before the surveillance including:
1. Geographical location and environmental conditions of the route used the object, whom the investigators will follow.
2. Preliminary examination of the surveillance object lifestyle.
3. Means of transport used by the surveillance object (whether on foot, motorcycle, motor vehicle or
public, vehicle type and whether combining all off the above alternately according to his needs).
4. Preliminary examination whether the object has prior experience with other investigation agencies, who followed him.
Surveillance performance and preparing surveillance report:
A quality investigation agency will put at your service private investigators with surveillance training, who conduct accurate and professional surveillance with sophisticated navigation devices, wiretaps appliances, undercover photography, switching between different vehicles, professional observers, professional surveillance equipment and more.
Once the desired results are achieved for the client, the surveillance ends. At this stage, the investigations agency will issue an investigation report, with detailed documentation of every day of surveillance that was conducted, including details of the activities of the surveillance object at all hours. Along with the surveillance, the investigation agency will submit all the evidence collected during each surveillance such as quality photos and videos taken by experienced private investigators during performance of the surveillance.