Aviram Azari, the head of the “Aviram-netz” intelligence agency, served in the surveillance unit of the Israeli Security Forces where he gained great experience in commanding various types of surveillance operations.

Currently, “Aviram-Netz” intelligence agency, operates in all five continents, with focus on America, Europe, India and Africa. The agency employs professional and consolidated teams in each continent in order to respond to any demand of a client at the quality and the time that are required of us.

The agency provides a wide range of services in the field of investigations and surveillance in the private and business sectors:

  • Financial investigations

  • Computer investigations

  • Business intelligence

  • Surveillance

  • Background checks and due diligence

  • Overt & covert security

  • Real Time Intelligence

Real time intelligence gathers information of immediate intelligence value concerning an entity or a person within our business or personal interest. Real Time Intelligence can be serve as a basis for personal and business strategy.

The “Aviram-Netz” agency operates according to all laws and regulations relevant to the country in which the work is being done and possesses all the certifications and licenses required by the forces operating in the field.